Wikipedia:Why create an account?

Registering doesn't just give you better tools for making edits: An account facilitates everything from offering art to working with other volunteers.

This is Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is free to read, and free to edit. Go beyond reading, and join the world's community of volunteers.

Wikipedia has various sister projects too, like Wikimedia Commons – where everyone collects and volunteers free media.

You don't need to be registered to contribute, but getting an account allows you to:

  • Choose an appropriate username, which will be reserved just for you on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.
  • Create your own user page, to collaborate, share information about yourself, or just practice editing and publishing in your own sandbox.
  • Communicate with other editors via your own talk page. You can also opt in to exchanging emails with other users.
  • Make it easier for other editors to communicate with you. Even if you don't feel any need to contact other editors, they may wish to contact you, which may be difficult if your IP address changes. Also, even if you have a static IP address so that it doesn't change, other editors may not know that is the case, so they may be deterred from posting to you on your IP talk page.
  • Get automatic notifications that alert you when someone has {{ping}}ed you, or wikilinked your user ID.
  • Use custom preferences to change the look and behaviour of Wikipedia.
  • View a convenient list of all your contributions (edits), and use your watchlist to monitor changes made to pages that interest you.
  • Use your unified login to work on Wikimedia's other projects, such as Wiktionary and Wikimedia Commons.
  • Use more advanced editing tools.
  • Edit without revealing your IP address (which can be used to trace your physical location) to the public.
  • Vote for the Picture of the Year and members of the Wikimedia Board.

Once you have had an account for about 4 days and have made at least 10 edits, you will be allowed to:

And once you have had an account for 30 days, and have made at least 500 edits, you will be allowed to edit extended protected pages!

For a bit more detail, read on. Or, get started: sign up – contribute to the Wikipedia Project the way that you want to.

Creating an account is quick and completely free.

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