ARC (processor)

DesignerARC International PLC
Bits32-bit, 64-bit
EncodingVariable (16- and 32-bit)
BranchingCompare and branch
ExtensionsAPEX user-defined instructions
16 or 32 including SP user can increase to 60

ARC (Argonaut RISC Core) embedded processors are a family of 32-bit and 64-bit central processing units (CPUs) originally designed by ARC International.

ARC processors are configurable and extensible for a wide range of uses in system on a chip (SoC) devices, including storage, digital home, mobile, automotive, and Internet of things (IoT) applications. They have been licensed by more than 200 organizations and are shipped in more than 1.5 billion products per year.[1]

ARC processors use reduced instruction set computing (RISC), and employ the 16-/32-bit ARCompact instruction set architecture (ISA) that provides good performance and code density for embedded and host SoC applications.

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