AIM alliance

AIM alliance
TypeJoint venture
IndustryInformation technology
FoundedOctober 2, 1991 (October 2, 1991)
Defunctc. 2006
HeadquartersUnited States of America
OwnerApple Inc., IBM, Motorola

The AIM alliance, also known as the PowerPC alliance, was formed on October 2, 1991, between Apple, IBM, and Motorola. Its goal was to create an industry-wide open-standard computing platform based on the POWER instruction set architecture.[1][2]: 69  It was intended to solve legacy problems, future-proof the industry, and compete with Microsoft's monopoly and the Wintel duopoly. The alliance yielded the launch of Taligent, Kaleida Labs, the PowerPC CPU family, the Common Hardware Reference Platform (CHRP) hardware platform standard, and Apple's Power Macintosh computer line.

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