Wikipedia:WikiProject Chemicals/Chembox validation

WikiProject Chemicals and WikiProject Pharmacology are validating the content in the infoboxes {{chembox}} and {{drugbox}}. Values in the infobox are compared with values reported in literature, and when the values match, the revision is stored in the index for chembox and the index for drugbox, respectively. This is typically done for values that are 'immutable' (e.g., the boiling point of a chemical compound: the boiling point of water under standard conditions is 99.98 °C, and there is no plausible reason to suspect it will change).

We are verifying the CAS Registry number (|CASNo= in {{chembox}}, |CAS_number= in {{drugbox}}), ChemSpiderID (ChemSpiderID), Unique Ingredient Identifier (UNII), InChI, KEGG, and ChEMBL by comparison with the data on CAS website, ChemSpider and FDA'S UNII Search Service as well as from lists supplied by (CAS number, ChemSpiderID, InChI, UNII, ChEMBL and ChEBI) or downloaded from these websites (KEGG, DrugBank). In the meantime, we are trying to add, update and/or check as a number of other identifiers (InChI, InChIKey) by comparison of the data with the ChemSpider website.

CheMoBot is following changes to these articles, and is set up to update the infoboxes. When it detects changes to values, it will change parameters in the infobox accordingly. These parameters are used by the template to show what the status of the fields are in the box.

Boxes that contain verified values that are the same as the values in the verified revision are tagged with checkY at the bottom, and boxes where some of these values are changed are tagged with ☒N. Moreover, the individual identifiers are tagged with checkY or ☒N. If the boxes contain changes to these verified fields, they are also categorized in Category:Chemboxes which contain changes to verified fields. Boxes that contain changes to other important fields are categorized in Category:Chemboxes which contain changes to watched fields. For an example, see this vandalism, quickly flagged by CheMoBot.

If you encounter a page with a {{chembox}} or {{drugbox}} that shows an ☒N, then please check if the value is wrong (in which case, it can just be changed back to the value in the verified revision; the bot will do the rest), or if there is a mistake in the verified revision (if so, it may need an update of the index; if you need help with that, please ask the appropriate wikiproject).

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