Vestibule of the ear

Vestibule of the ear
Sobo 1911 772.png
Schematic overview of the vestibulocochlear organ, vestibule centre left.
Part ofBony labyrinth of the inner ear.
Latinvestibulum labyrinthi, vestibulum auris
Anatomical terminology

The vestibule is the central part of the bony labyrinth in the inner ear, and is situated medial to the eardrum, behind the cochlea, and in front of the three semicircular canals.[1]

The name comes from the Latin vestibulum, literally an entrance hall.

  1. ^ Treuting, Piper M.; Dintzis, Suzanne M.; Sellers, Rani (2018). "Special Senses". Comparative Anatomy and Histology. Elsevier. pp. 471–485. doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-802900-8.00022-1. ISBN 978-0-12-802900-8. The vestibule sits between and connects the cochlea and semicircular canals and helps to maintain equilibrium.

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