Superficial temporal vein

Superficial temporal vein
Veins of the head and neck. ("Sup. Temp." labeled at center, anterior to the ear.)
Bloodvessels of the eyelids, front view. (13, at left, is branch of the superficial temporal vein.)
Drains fromtemple, scalp
Drains toretromandibular vein
Arterysuperficial temporal artery
Latinvenae temporales superficiales
Anatomical terminology

The superficial temporal vein is a vein of the side of the head. It begins on the side and vertex of the skull in a network of veins which communicates with the frontal vein and supraorbital vein, with the corresponding vein of the opposite side, and with the posterior auricular vein and occipital vein. It ultimately crosses the posterior root of the zygomatic arch, enters the parotid gland, and unites with the internal maxillary vein to form the posterior facial vein.

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