Subclavian vein

Subclavian vein
The thyroid gland and its relations. (Right subclavian vein visible at bottom left, left subclavian vein visible at bottom right.)
Diagram showing completion of development of the parietal veins. (Subclavian vein labeled at right, third from top.)
Sourceaxillary vein, external jugular vein
Drains tobrachiocephalic vein
Arterysubclavian artery
Latinvena subclavia
Anatomical terminology

The subclavian vein is a paired large vein, one on either side of the body, that is responsible for draining blood from the upper extremities, allowing this blood to return to the heart. The left subclavian vein plays a key role in the absorption of lipids, by allowing products that have been carried by lymph in the thoracic duct to enter the bloodstream. The diameter of the subclavian veins is approximately 1–2 cm, depending on the individual.[medical citation needed]

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