Sirius Passet

Sirius Passet
Stratigraphic range: Cambrian Series 2
Halkieria, an iconic fossil of the Sirius Passet
TypeGeological formation
Coordinates82°47.6′N 42°13.7′W / 82.7933°N 42.2283°W / 82.7933; -42.2283
RegionNorthern Greenland
Country Greenland
Type section
Named forSirius sledge patrol
Named byA. Higgins
LocationJ.P. Koch Fjord
Year defined1987
Coordinates82°47.6′N 42°13.7′W / 82.7933°N 42.2283°W / 82.7933; -42.2283
Country Greenland

Geologic Map with the Buen and the Portfjeld formations, and the Polkorridoren Group.

Sirius Passet is a Cambrian Lagerstätte in Peary Land, Greenland. The Sirius Passet Lagerstätte was named after the Sirius sledge patrol that operates in North Greenland. It comprises six places in Nansen Land, on the east shore of J.P. Koch Fjord in the far north of Greenland.[1] It was discovered in 1984 by A. Higgins of the Geological Survey of Greenland. A preliminary account was published by Simon Conway Morris and others in 1987 and expeditions led by J. S. Peel and Conway Morris have returned to the site several times between 1989 and the present. A field collection of perhaps 10,000 fossil specimens has been amassed. It is a part of the Buen Formation.

  1. ^ Peel, J. S.; Ineson, J. R. (2011). "The extent of the Sirius Passet Lagerstätte (early Cambrian) of North Greenland". Bulletin of Geosciences: 535–543. doi:10.3140/bull.geosci.1269.

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