Name formalityFormal
Usage information
Celestial bodyEarth
Regional usageGlobal (ICS)
Time scale(s) usedICS Time Scale
Chronological unitAge
Stratigraphic unitStage
Time span formalityFormal
Lower boundary definitionFAD of the Inoceramid Bivalve Cladoceramus undulatoplicatus
Lower boundary GSSPOlazagutia, Spain
42°52′00″N 2°11′48″W / 42.8668°N 2.1968°W / 42.8668; -2.1968
Lower GSSP ratifiedJanuary 2013[2]
Upper boundary definitionBase of Chron C33r[3]
Upper boundary GSSPBottaccione, Gubbio, Italy[3]
43°21′46″N 12°34′58″E / 43.3627°N 12.5828°E / 43.3627; 12.5828[4]
Upper GSSP ratifiedOctober 2022[5]

The Santonian is an age in the geologic timescale or a chronostratigraphic stage. It is a subdivision of the Late Cretaceous Epoch or Upper Cretaceous Series. It spans the time between 86.3 ± 0.7 mya (million years ago) and 83.6 ± 0.7 mya. The Santonian is preceded by the Coniacian and is followed by the Campanian.[6]

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