Paleontological Society

Paleontological Society
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The Paleontological Society, formerly the Paleontological Society of America, is an international organisation devoted to the promotion of paleontology. The Society was founded in 1908 in Baltimore, Maryland, and was incorporated in April 1968 in the District of Columbia.[1] The Society publishes the bi-monthly Journal of Paleontology and the quarterly Paleobiology,[2] holds an annual meeting in the autumn in conjunction with the Geological Society of America,[3] sponsors conferences and lectures,[4] and provides grants and scholarships.[5]

The Society has five geographic sections—Pacific Coast (founded March 1911), North-Central (founded May 1974), Northeastern (founded March 1977), Southeastern (founded November 1979), Rocky Mountain (founded October 1985), and South-Central (founded November 1988).

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