Palawa kani

palawa kani
Created byTasmanian Aboriginal Centre
Datefrom 1992[1]
EthnicityAboriginal Tasmanians
Language revival
  • palawa kani
Latin alphabet[2]
SourcesEastern Tasmanian, Northeastern Tasmanian languages and Flinders island lingua franca[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3none; see codes for constructed languages
ELPPalawa Kani
IETFart-x-palawa (unofficial)[4]

Palawa kani is a constructed language[1] created by the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre[3] as a composite Tasmanian language, based on reconstructed vocabulary from the limited accounts of the various languages once spoken by the eastern Aboriginal Tasmanians.[5][6]

The centre wishes to keep the language private[clarification needed] until it is established in the community and claims copyright. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) outlines that indigenous people should have the right to control their own cultural knowledge, including languages.[7] However, languages cannot get copyright under Australian or international law.[8] In practice, the centre only allows unrestricted outside access to place names; dictionaries and other copyrightable resources for learning the language are only provided to the Aboriginal community.[9]

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