Name formalityFormal
Name ratified2003[2]
Former name(s)Cambrian Stage 8
Usage information
Celestial bodyEarth
Regional usageGlobal (ICS)
Time scale(s) usedICS Time Scale
Chronological unitAge
Stratigraphic unitStage
First proposed byShanchi et al., 2002[3]
Time span formalityFormal
Lower boundary definitionFAD of the Trilobite Glyptagnostus reticulatus
Lower boundary GSSPPaibi section, Paibi, Hunan, China
28°23′22″N 109°31′33″E / 28.3895°N 109.5257°E / 28.3895; 109.5257
Lower GSSP ratified2003[2]
Upper boundary definitionFAD of the Trilobite Agnostotes orientalis
Upper boundary GSSPDuibian B Section, Duibian, Zhejiang, China
28°48′57″N 118°36′54″E / 28.815967°N 118.614933°E / 28.815967; 118.614933
Upper GSSP ratified2011[4]

28°23′22″N 109°31′33″E / 28.3895°N 109.5257°E / 28.3895; 109.5257 The Paibian is the lowest stage of Furongian series of the Cambrian. It follows the Guzhangian (3rd series of the Cambrian) and is succeeded by the Jiangshanian Stage. The base is defined as the first appearance of the trilobite Glyptagnostus reticulatus around 497 million years ago. The top, or the base of the Jiangshanian is defined as the first appearance of the trilobite Agnostotes orientalis around 494 million years ago.

The name is derived from Paibi, a village in Hunan, China. The GSSP is defined in the "Paibi section" (Wuling Mountains, Huayuan County), an outcrop of the Huaqiao Formation(花桥组). The base is the first occurrence of Glyptagnostus reticulatus which is 396 m above the base of the Huaqiao Formation at the type locality (28°23′22″N 109°31′33″E / 28.3895°N 109.5257°E / 28.3895; 109.5257).[5]

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