Temporal range:
Olenellus thompsoni.png
Olenellus thompsoni
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Trilobita
Order: Redlichiida
Family: Olenellidae
Subfamily: Olenellinae
Genus: Olenellus
Billings, 1861
  • O. thompsoni (Hall, 1859) (Type)[1][2]
  • O. agellus Resser & Howell, 1938[1]
  • O. chiefensis Palmer, 1998[3]
  • O. clarki (Resser, 1928),[1] synonym Paedeumias clarki
  • O. crassimarginatus Walcott, 1910,[1] synonyms O. thompsoni crassimarginatus, O. wanneri, O. latilimbatus
  • O. fowleri Palmer, 1998[3]
  • O. getzi Dunbar, 1925,[1] synonyms O. alius, O. peculiaris
  • O. howelli Meek, 1874[3]
  • O. nevadensis (Walcott, 1910),[1] synonyms Paedeumias nevadensis, Callavia nevadensis
  • O. parvofrontatus Fritz, 1991[1]
  • O. puertoblancoensis Lochman, 1952[1]
  • O. robsonensis Burling, 1916,[1] synonym Paedeumias robsonensis
  • O. roddyi Resser & Howell, 1938,[1] synonyms O. similaris, O. nodosus, O. nitidus, O. jonasae, Paedeumias glabrum, P. yorkense, P. eboracense
  • O. romensis Resser & Howell, 1938,[1] synonym O. buttsi
  • O. terminatus Palmer, 1998[3]
  • O. transitans (Walcott, 1910),[1] synonyms O. brachycephalus, Paedeumias perkinsi

Olenellus is an extinct genus of redlichiid trilobites, with species of average size (about 5 centimetres or 2.0 inches long). It lived during the Botomian and Toyonian stages (Olenellus-zone), 522 to 510 million years ago, in what is currently North-America, part of the palaeocontinent Laurentia.[4]

Life reconstruction of Olenellus thompsoni
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