28°48′57″N 118°36′54″E / 28.815967°N 118.614933°E / 28.815967; 118.614933

Name formalityFormal
Name ratified2011[2]
Former name(s)Cambrian Stage 9
Usage information
Celestial bodyEarth
Regional usageGlobal (ICS)
Time scale(s) usedICS Time Scale
Chronological unitAge
Stratigraphic unitStage
Time span formalityFormal
Lower boundary definitionFAD of the Trilobite Agnostotes orientalis
Lower boundary GSSPDuibian B Section, Duibian, Zhejiang, China
28°48′57″N 118°36′54″E / 28.815967°N 118.614933°E / 28.815967; 118.614933
Lower GSSP ratified2011[2]
Upper boundary definitionNot formally defined
Upper boundary definition candidatesFAD of the Trilobite Lotagnostus americanus
Upper boundary GSSP candidate section(s)Duibian, Zhejiang, China

The Jiangshanian is the middle stage of the Furongian series. It follows the Paibian Stage and is succeeded by the still unnamed Stage 10 of the Cambrian. The base is defined as the first appearance of the trilobite Agnostotes orientalis which is estimated to be 494 million years ago. The Jiangshanian lasted until approximately 489.5 million years ago.[3]

The Cambrian stage was named after Jiangshan, a city in China's Zhejiang province.[4]

The GSSP of the Jiangshanian is the "Duibian B Section" (28°48′57″N 118°36′54″E / 28.815967°N 118.614933°E / 28.815967; 118.614933), west of the village of Duibian(碓边), and 10 km north of Jiangshan. The outcrop belongs to the Huayansi Formation(华严寺组).[4]

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