Bottom feeder

A cory catfish, a commonly kept bottom feeder species in freshwater aquaria. This species is Corydoras paleatus

A bottom feeder is an aquatic animal that feeds on or near the bottom of a body of water.[1] Biologists often use the terms benthos—particularly for invertebrates such as shellfish, crabs, crayfish, sea anemones, starfish, snails, bristleworms and sea cucumbers—and benthivore or benthivorous, for fish and invertebrates that feed on material from the bottom.[2] However the term benthos includes all aquatic life that lives on or near the bottom, which means it also includes non-animals, such as plants and algae.[3] Biologists also use specific terms that refer to bottom feeding fish, such as demersal fish, groundfish, benthic fish and benthopelagic fish.[4] Examples of bottom feeding fish species groups are flatfish (halibut, flounder, plaice, sole), eels, cod, haddock, bass, grouper, carp, bream (snapper) and some species of catfish, sharks.[4]

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