CSS Virginia

CSS Virginia. The image is captioned Merrimac; see below.
Confederate States of AmericaConfederate States
OrderedJuly 11, 1861
CompletedMarch 7, 1862
CommissionedFebruary 17, 1862
Fatescuttled May 11, 1862
General characteristics
TypeCasemate ironclad
Displacementabout 4,000 long tons (4,100 t)
Length275 ft (83.8 m)
Beam51 ft 2 in (15.6 m)
Draft21 ft (6.4 m)
Installed power1,200 ihp (890 kW)
Speed5–6 knots (9.3–11.1 km/h; 5.8–6.9 mph)
Complementabout 320 officers and men

CSS Virginia was the first steam-powered ironclad warship built by the Confederate States Navy during the first year of the American Civil War; she was constructed as a casemate ironclad using the raised and cut down original lower hull and engines of the scuttled steam frigate USS Merrimack. Virginia was one of the participants in the Battle of Hampton Roads, opposing the Union's USS Monitor in March 1862. The battle is chiefly significant in naval history as the first battle between ironclads.

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