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This template flags an article for the badly-needed attention of an expert or experts in the subject(s) specified (please use {{Expert needed talk}} on the talk page for non-urgent requests).

The template has the option of being assigned to a specific subcategory of Category:Articles needing expert attention, depending on the topic of the article. These subcategories are named after WikiProjects.

When to use[edit]

Use this tag when you have identified a specific issue that requires help from a subject-matter expert (not a generally knowledgeable Wikipedia editor).

If you want help for most of the page, or if you want help soon, then try these much more effective options:

How to use[edit]

{{Expert needed|WikiProject|talk=|reason=|date=}}


  • The first unnamed parameter accepts the name of the WikiProject from Active WikiProjects
  • A second optional unnamed parameter, may be used to override the default "article" text with, for example, "section", "diagram" or "paragraph".
  • ex2ex5: To add additional expert subjects, you can use these parameters to include more names of WikiProjects.
  • talk: If you have started a discussion on the article's talk page, you may link to that discussion with |talk=, using the section title of the discussion.
  • reason: You may use the |reason= parameter to provide a short explanation describing the issue directly within the template, instead of, or in addition to the talk parameter.
Add |talk=, |reason=, or both. Uses of this template with neither may be removed without further consideration.
  • date: The date of adding the template may be used as the next parameter, in the form of Month Year.


{{Expert needed|technology|documentation|talk=Section title goes here|reason=reason goes here|date=Month Year}}

{{Expert needed|technology|ex2=science|ex3=math|talk=Section title goes here|reason=reason goes here|date=Month Year}}

Follow up[edit]

When using this template, it is essential to provide an explanation using either the "reason" or the "talk" parameter. When adding a section on the talk page, you may use {{expert needed talk}} for this purpose. If the issue is of some urgency, you may also post a notice at the WikiProject that was included in the template.


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TemplateData for Expert needed

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Template parameters

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.

Field of expertise1

Field of expertise from which an expert is needed

Section needed for2

no description

Field of expertise 2ex2

Second field of expertise needed

Field of expertise 3ex3

Third field of expertise needed

Field of expertise 4ex4

Fourth field of expertise needed

Field of expertise 5ex5

Fifth field of expertise needed

Reason expert neededreason

The reason an expert is needed

Link talk page?talk

If 'y' or 'yes', links talk page

Month and yeardate

no description

September 1996
Auto value

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