PHP License

PHP License
Latest version3.01
PublisherThe PHP Group
SPDX identifierPHP-3.0, PHP-3.01
DFSG compatibleNo[1]
FSF approvedYes[2]
OSI approvedYes[3]
GPL compatibleNo[2]
CopyleftNo[2] Edit this on Wikidata

[4]The PHP License is the software license under which the PHP scripting language is released. The PHP License is designed to encourage widespread adoption of the source code. Redistribution is permitted in source or binary form with or without modifications, with some caveats.

Version 3 of PHP used a dual license—PHP 3's source is available under either the PHP License or the GNU General Public License (GPL). This practice was discontinued as of PHP 4, with PHP's developers citing the restrictions on reuse associated with the GPL's copyleft enforcement as being the reason for dropping it.[5] The Zend Engine, the core of the PHP interpreter, is separately licensed under the similar Zend Engine License[6], which contains similar naming restrictions to the PHP license (applying to the names "Zend" and "Zend Engine"), and a clause requiring advertising materials to mention its use.

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