Nongfu Spring

Nongfu Spring Co., Ltd.
Native name
Traded as
FoundedSeptember 26, 1996 (1996-09-26)
FounderZhong Shanshan (钟睒睒)
Key people
Zhong Shanshan (Chairman)
ProductsBottled water, Beverages
Nongfu Spring Co., Ltd.
Simplified Chinese农夫山泉股份有限公司
Traditional Chinese農夫山泉股份有限公司
Nongfu Spring water bottles
Shuirong C100

Nongfu Spring (simplified Chinese: 农夫山泉; traditional Chinese: 農夫山泉; pinyin: Nóngfū Shānquán; lit. 'Farmer Spring') is a Chinese bottled water and beverage company headquartered in Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.[1][2] It is owned and chaired by founder Zhong Shanshan[3]

As reported by Reuters, Nongfu Spring filed an initial public offering[4] with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.[5] The company raised approximately US$1bn by pricing its IPO at the HKD21.50/share, at the top end of its IPO range.

As set out in it its prospectus,[6] the company recorded revenue of 24 billion yuan (US$3.4 billion) in revenue in 2019, up from 20.47 billion yuan a year earlier. The prospectus shows Nongfu Spring recorded profit of 4.95 billion yuan in 2019, a 20.6% increase on its 3.61 billion yuan profit the previous year.

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