Advanced Systems Format

Advanced Systems Format
Computer icons of for ASF, WMA and WMV files.png
This image illustrates the computer icons that Windows 8.1 displays for Advanced Systems Format, depending on the file name extension. From left to right, the icons correspond to .asf, .wma and .wmv files.
Filename extension
.asf .wma .wmv
Internet media type
video/x-ms-asf, application/[1]
Type code'ASF_'
Uniform Type Identifier (UTI)
Magic number30 26 B2 75 8E 66 CF 11 A6 D9 00 AA 00 62 CE 6C[2]
Developed byMicrosoft
Type of formatDigital container format
Container forWindows Media Audio, Windows Media Video, VC-1

Advanced Systems Format (formerly Advanced Streaming Format, Active Streaming Format) is Microsoft's proprietary digital audio/digital video container format, especially meant for streaming media. ASF is part of the Media Foundation framework.

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